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Holistic organic anti-aging treatments for professional use

Forschung für mehr Bio-Anti-Aging-Power

Research for more organic anti-aging power

Organic cosmetics are the way to go for a healthier beauty routine. But many people ask about the effect: “Does this work?” Organic certified active ingredients, such as those contained in MAGIC ELEMENTS from BEAUĒTAL, are significantly more expensive than raw materials in petrochemical cosmetics. With the right mix of active ingredients, it is possible to achieve excellent anti-aging results that set new standards in cosmetics.

Our 3-phase cosmetics have an important special feature:

We don't rely on individual ingredients, but rather on a power mix of proven organic active ingredients with 4-fold anti-aging.

Our organic anti-aging treatment MAGIC ELEMENTS is a fine miracle of carefully coordinated active ingredients in 100% organic quality, developed by scientists. The unique concept of BEAUĒTAL's 3-phase cosmetics has clear advantages: The three products, which are applied one after the other, can be composed in such a way that the active ingredients really reach where they are supposed to work.

Our skin consists of three layers of skin and a real anti-wrinkle effect only occurs when certain active ingredients can penetrate deeper layers of the skin and others develop their effect on the outside of the skin.

The first product of the 3-phase cosmetics, the HYDRO BOOSTER, is designed to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin. The CELL SERUM provides vital substances for all skin cells and the LIFT & REPAIR CRÈME is the third product in the top layer of skin. The active ingredients in the individual products are selected so that they can develop the most power in exactly the respective phase.
A scent complex made from aromatherapy oils not only smells subtle and seductive: its essential components are used in aromatherapy to combat stress. The facial treatment contains no synthetic, harmful perfumes and is vegan, organic cosmetics.

With these 3 products with the aromatic scent you get an effective organic performance facial treatment and look younger and fresher. The anti-aging effect is clearly visible after just a few applications.

The triple effect of squalane

A special substance is phyto-squalane. Squalane occurs naturally in our skin.

  1. Squalane protects the skin from moisture loss
  2. Squalane ensures a pleasant, silky skin feeling
  3. Squalane helps the texture to be absorbed more quickly and transports active ingredients better into the skin.

The vegan organic version of squalane can be obtained from olives or sugar cane. Only vegan, organic versions made from renewable raw materials are used in MAGIC ELEMENTS.

Miracle weapon Acmella Oleracea ( Jambú)

The so-called Jambú extract, technical term Acmella Oleracea, is a purely herbal active ingredient that is mainly contained in paracress (Acmella oleracea or Spilanthes oleracea). In addition, it is found in the Mexican suneye. It was traditionally used as a painkiller to treat toothaches, headaches, asthma and rheumatism. Its secret is a quick relaxation effect on muscles. In contrast to the well-known botulinum toxin, it has a much gentler effect and can be used in facial cosmetics because the substance is small enough to penetrate the skin cells. The effect is a relaxation of the facial features and a reduction in the depth of wrinkles. Its quick effect is particularly impressive when combined with the other active ingredients.

Not all hyaluronic acids are created equal

Studies show: Hyaluronic acid helps against wrinkles. But what is crucial is:

  1. Which hyaluronic acid is used?
  2. What quality is it used in?
  3. What additional active ingredients is hyaluronic acid combined with?

Hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in the body and is an important component of various connective tissues. Hyaluronic acid is characterized by the fact that it can bind very large amounts of water. So it helps to retain moisture. Short-chain hyaluronic acid can penetrate deeper into the skin and build up a kind of moisture reservoir there. This means it has a plumping effect and reduces wrinkles.

Hyaluronic acid has a multitude of functions in the body. The older we get, the more the amount of hyaluronic acid in the body decreases. With the loss of hyaluronic acid, the skin loses moisture and elasticity. As a result, wrinkles can occur.

There are long-chain and short-chain hyaluronic acids. Short-chain hyaluronic acid has a low molecular weight and can penetrate deeper into the skin. In MAGIC ELEMENTS we used both types. The short chain is found in the HYDRO BOOSTER, so it works in depth, while the long chain works in the LIFT & REPAIR CRÈME.

Hyaluron used to contain animal ingredients. Today's hyaluronic acid is produced through a fermentation process. Organic hyaluronic acid is obtained from the microorganisms of wheat; it is an organic and vegan product.

Another important active ingredient is betaine

Betaine is a byproduct of sugar production and a phytochemical found in many wild plants. There are also non-vegan sources, but they are not used in MAGIC ELEMENTS. We are vegan! Betaine reduces skin irritations and protects against drying out.

Cell protection factor ectoine

Ectoine is also a wonderful anti-aging ingredient. Ectoin has many cell-protecting properties and can protect the skin barrier against modern environmental influences, maintain skin moisture and reduce wrinkles. Active ingredient studies also showed that they have supportive properties on the skin cells against UV and blue light (screen light / smartphones). The natural active ingredient ectoine is obtained from microorganisms that live in extreme environments (e.g. in geysers, salt lakes or in the Arctic ice). The ectoine formed in the microorganisms protects them from the extreme environmental conditions that prevail there. Scientists have studied these properties for a long time and made them usable for modern anti-aging care.

But that's not enough

But the potential of the ingredients in the organic anti-aging treatment MAGIC ELEMENTS has not yet been exhausted. The serum contains powerful oils such as apricot oil, argan oil, avocado oil, oat kernel oil, rosehip oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, sea buckthorn oil, sunflower oil. The oils are rich in minerals and vitamins A, B and E and omega fatty acids. Also prickly pear extract from traditional Mexican medicine, used to soothe the skin, moisturize it and protect it against external stressors.
The oat seed oil contains skin membrane-equivalent fatty acids with a high proportion of linoleic acid, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids with skin-identical ceramides. In-vitro studies showed the oil's positive effect on the skin against oxidative stress and supporting skin cells in protecting against UV damage.

The LIFT & REPAIR CRÈME also contains shea butter, almond oil and jojoba oil as well as valuable rose and lemon balm hydrosols, which are also used in the HYDRO BOOSTER.

And the essential oils from aromatherapy in the AmoScent fragrance complex not only have a good influence on our mental strength, but also have excellent skin properties for a radiant and youthful complexion.

The abundance of these active ingredients in finely tuned doses with the combination of modern science and traditional aromatherapy is unique and particularly effective.

All BEAUĒTAL products are free from harmful chemicals and microplastics. 100% vegan organic cosmetics. No synthetic fragrances. No animal testing. We produce in Germany according to one of the world's most demanding cosmetic regulations. Our suppliers are subject to strict controls and must always prove the organic certification of their active ingredients.