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Holistic organic anti-aging treatments for professional use

Organic anti-aging treatment with aromatherapy

Treatment for very dry to normal skin - without massage

Deep Intensive Hydro Booster, 2-in-1 treatment

The Deep Intensive Hydro-Booster with aromatherapy is the product of choice for dry and stressed skin and deep wrinkles and expression lines as well as sagging skin. It was developed to penetrate particularly deeply into the skin and cushion the skin from the inside out, reduce deep wrinkles and expression lines and build intensive moisture in the skin.

Application: Distribute 1 to 2 pump strokes onto gently cleansed or exfoliated skin. Pat the serum in lightly.

Rich Nourishing Cell Serum, 2-in-1 treatment

The Cell Serum naturally supplies the skin cells with relevant provitamins, vitamins, antioxidants and natural lipids and ceramides. These vital substances stimulate natural collagen production, regenerate, protect, inhibit inflammation and protect against impure skin. In an application without massage, this product is used after the Hydro-Booster. When used at home, the product can also be used in the evening or after sunbathing. Depending on the skin condition, distribute half to 2 pipette fillings on the face, neck and décolleté.

Lift Repair Protect DMS HPC Crème, 2-in-1 treatment

At the end of this treatment we want to eliminate fine lines, lift the epidermis, improve the feel of the skin and protect the skin. This cream protects the skin microbiome, smoothes, moisturizes, refines the complexion, helps against irritations and even age-related acne and is also often used to soothe very problematic skin and restore the skin's fresh, youthful appearance.

2-fold effect through AROMATHERAPY

All products in the MAGIC ELEMENTS series contain 13 essential oils that improve the complexion , help against wrinkles, create the scent and relax and focus mentally. In professional use, you can increase this effect by applying warm cloths after treatment with the Cell Serum so that the essential oils in the preparation develop their olfactory power even better.