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Holistic organic anti-aging treatments for professional use


What skin problems do we encounter after the age of 40? BEAUÉTAL develops vegan, organic skin treatments for your specific skin needs.

Dry skin

Dry and brittle skin is caused by disturbed fat and moisture regulation in the skin, environmental influences, diet and hormonal changes. From the age of 40 onwards, the skin generally produces less moisture. The skin becomes rough, brittle and may develop cracks or eczema.

Wrinkled skin

Sagging skin is caused by aging, collagen and elastin breakdown, sun damage, smoking and dehydration, for example as a result of not drinking enough water. Deep wrinkles are caused by loss of elastin and collagen, muscle movements in facial expressions (eternal frowning), UV damage and skin dryness. This normal degenerative process begins at the age of 40 at the latest.

Stressed skin

Inner restlessness and mental stress lead to increased cortisol, which promotes inflammation and collagen breakdown. Skin stress accelerates skin aging through oxidative stress and reduces skin regeneration. This accelerates the visible aging process of the skin.

Late acne

From the age of 40, impure skin and late acne can occur due to hormonal changes, slowed skin metabolism, environmental influences (pollution, UV radiation) and an unbalanced diet. These factors influence the skin barrier and promote inflammation.

Age spots

Brownish coloring of the skin is a pigmentation disorder that can mainly be caused by UV radiation. It affects light-skinned people more often than dark-skinned people. Age spots are also caused by skin aging, hormonal influences and some medications. Whenever there are any changes to the skin, especially dark spots, it is always advisable to go to a dermatologist first to rule out dangerous diseases.

Impaired regeneration

From the age of 40 onwards, cell regeneration slows down, meaning the skin renews itself more slowly. In addition, a disturbed skin microbiome can occur due to environmental influences, hormonal changes and incorrect care.

More than a skin problem?

The set of 3 treatments is the ideal skin care and solves the most important challenges of the skin over 40, from wrinkles to skin nutrition.