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Holistic organic anti-aging treatments for professional use


Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes. A special promotion currently applies regardless of the General Terms and Conditions (supplement to our General Terms and Conditions): We will also take back opened packages until December 31, 2023 if they are individual orders and you are not satisfied with the quality.

How environmentally friendly is the packaging?

Glass can often be melted down and reused in the recycling cycle. We only use plastic for our applicators. In Germany these can be disposed of in the yellow bin. This means the plastic can be reused. We deliberately chose a box to package the three glass bottles, which will stay in the bathroom throughout their entire use and serve as a nice storage place for the glass bottles.

Many folding boxes are thrown away immediately after unpacking. So the lifespan is very short before they become garbage. Our products last for 2-3 months. Until then, the box remains in use and can then be put into the waste paper cycle.

We have been participating in Climate Partner's climate protection program since the EDITION AMAZONAS packaging generation (now all sets). We support the protection of the Amazon rainforest. More information can also be found at under our partner ID 17975-2111-1002.

Do I need any other facial care if I use MAGIC ELEMENTS?

No. Apart from gentle cleaning, no other products are necessary. No eye creams or lip creams are necessary either. The treatment is also an ideal basis for make-up.

Can cosmetics cause allergies?
We have been tested by Dermatest for skin compatibility and received a “very good” rating. Dermatest is one of the largest institutes in Germany that tests skin compatibility for various companies. Our preparations did not trigger any allergic reactions or other skin reactions in the test. We were very pleased about this and for us it is proof of our quality and reflects our standards. However, people are different and you cannot always predict how a cosmetic will work for each person.

What is special about the fragrance complex? Why don't you just use perfume like in other beauty products?
We want to know exactly how our cosmetics work. And we want to be able to assign a performance to all ingredients. Unfortunately, perfume that is approved for natural cosmetics also contains many substances whose function and effect we cannot clearly assign.

Some perfumes, including natural cosmetics, contain piperonal, a flavoring with a vanilla and almond smell. Piperonal is the precursor to a synthetic drug and is a substance that can and probably should be addictive. It may not be sold freely in Germany. It is fungicidal and harmful to aquatic organisms.

We didn't want any such ingredients in our high-quality cosmetics.
That's why we worked with scientists to develop our own fragrance complex. We used essential oils that have very specific applications in aromatherapy and are used to combat stress and for mental balance.

Aromatherapy has now been researched in numerous studies. There are countless recognized studies and literature on aromatherapy. Large clinics in Germany have long been researching the importance of aromatherapy oils in the areas of pain, migraines and resistant germs.

However, we are clearly not making any medical claims here, as we are a cosmetic.

Can I still apply make-up after my beauty routine?
Yes, of course. If you dose the amount of MAGIC ELEMENTS according to your skin type, you can then apply make-up straight away.

How do I know the correct dosage? Does skin type play a role?
MAGIC ELEMENTS is suitable for every skin type. Try out how much your skin needs. Very dry skin needs more serum, very "thin" skin needs more primer. If the epidermis is very rough, you need more cream.