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Holistic organic anti-aging treatments for professional use

Disturbed skin regeneration due to stress from the age of 40.

Impaired regeneration due to stress is a problem for many people. We explain the causes and show long-term solutions.

Causes of irritated skin due to stress

Stress in everyday life can have many causes, and sometimes we don't even notice the stressors and their effects. It's not just stressful situations that are the problem. Our lifestyle, our diet, hormonal changes as we age, smoking, false ambition in sports, noise, poor sleep, among many other family and work-related things, can trigger stress in our bodies without us always noticing it. Synthetic fragrances in cosmetics can also stress our brain.


Inner restlessness and stress lead to increased cortisol, which promotes inflammation and collagen breakdown. Skin stress accelerates skin aging through oxidative stress and reduces skin regeneration. Stress literally makes us old.

The visible aging process of the skin is accelerated. The skin becomes irritated, red, sometimes sweaty, sometimes dry. Wrinkles appear more quickly and the skin color appears unhealthy. When it comes to skin care , additional stressors such as synthetic perfumes and other harmful substances should be avoided at all costs.

How can skin stress be treated?

Mental stress is the aging accelerator.

All products in the MAGIC ELEMENTS series contain 13 essential oils that improve the complexion, help against wrinkles, create the scent and relax and focus mentally and help against stress.

These essential oils have a balancing effect on our brain and nervous system through skin contact and smell.

Various antioxidants also soothe the skin and protect against free radicals.

We thus offer a holistic solution to the modern challenges of skin care over 40.

How BEAUÉTAL solves this problem

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