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Holistic organic anti-aging treatments for professional use

Ihre neue Beauty Routine Step by Step

Your new beauty routine step by step

Step 1

First, apply the Hydro Booster. The active ingredients can penetrate deep into the skin and plump up from the inside. Depending on your skin, distribute one to three pump strokes onto the previously gently cleansed facial skin. Massage lightly and breathe deeply to allow the aromatherapy scent complex to work. The amounts vary depending on your skin type and the environment in which you frequently spend time. If the air is dry, you need more care.
- Acmella Oleracer ( Jambú extract)
- short-chain organic hyaluronic acid
- Betaine, caffeine
- nutrient-rich rose
and lemon balm hydrosol
- Aromatherapy scent to combat stress

step 2

Second comes the cell serum with nutritional power for the skin. Well-cared for skin looks much younger. Distribute the desired amount onto the face. If you have very dry skin, simply increase the dosage. Take a deep breath.

- Apricot oil, argan oil
- Avocado oil
- Oat kernel oil
- Rosehip oil
- Jojoba oil, olive oil
- Sea buckthorn oil, sunflower oil
- Prickly pear extract
- Aromatherapy scent to combat stress

step 3

This high-performance cream is the conclusion of the three phases. The active ingredients smooth the epidermis more intensively. Distribute the desired amount over the face and massage in briefly. If you have dry skin, increase dosage. Take a deep breath. Now you are strong
and nice for the day.
- Phyto-Squalane
- Ectoine
- Organic hyaluronic acid (long chain)
- Shea butter, almond oil, jojoba oil
- Rose and lemon balm hydrosol
- Aromatherapy scent to combat stress