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Holistic organic anti-aging treatments for professional use

BEAUÉTAL unterstützt die Rettung des Regenwaldes am Amazonas und den globalen Klimaschutz

BEAUÉTAL supports saving the Amazon rainforest and global climate protection

In order to achieve our climate protection goals, we support ClimatePartner's project in Brazil to protect the rainforest. Our ClimatePartner project ID: 17975-2111-1002 (

From the "Edition Amazonas", the latest generation of packaging, BEAUÉTAL compensates for greenhouse gas emissions by supporting additional climate protection projects. Our packaging is recyclable if disposed of correctly.

about the project
It is a special and very unique ecosystem, the "Várzea" in Pará at the mouth of the Brazilian Amazon. The reserve around Marajó Island is best reached by boat. The project protects over 97,000 hectares of forest and prohibits commercial logging. It creates alternative sources of income for local families, for example through trading the açaí fruit.

This fruit is not only popular in Brazil, but is also increasingly in demand as a superfood in industrialized countries. Because the project promotes development in one of the poorest regions in northeastern Brazil, it will also be certified with the Social Carbon Standard in addition to the Verified Carbon Standard.

Definition: climate neutrality.
Climate neutrality means that the carbon footprint of a company, product, service or event has been calculated according to internationally recognized standards and offset by supporting certified climate protection projects.

The “climate neutral” label from ClimatePartner certifies that the remaining greenhouse gas emissions have been offset.

About ClimatePartner
In addition to avoiding and reducing CO2 emissions, compensating for CO2 emissions is an important step towards holistic climate protection. ClimatePartner recommends that companies establish the avoidance and reduction of CO2 emissions as a continuous process and supports them in appropriate strategies, for example by defining scientifically based reduction targets or switching to renewable energies.

Everyone can help save the rainforest through their consumer behavior
By purchasing the organic anti-aging treatment MAGIC ELEMENTS, you are supporting the protection of the rainforest on the Amazon in Brazil. Preserving the rainforest in Brazil is crucial for the global climate. If we continue to destroy “the lungs of our earth,” climate change will have even more dramatic consequences than are already noticeable today. You can actively participate in climate protection through your consumer behavior.