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Holistic organic anti-aging treatments for professional use

Organic anti-aging treatment with aromatherapy

Treatment for specific skin problems

Selection on a single product basis as a singular treatment or integration into other organic cosmetic routines.

Dry skin

After 40, the skin's ability to retain moisture decreases. Environmental influences, sun damage, poor diet, hormonal changes and not drinking enough water worsen the condition of the skin. Active ingredients are needed here that stimulate collagen synthesis, penetrate deep into the skin and create moisture cushions deep in the skin.

Means of choice: Deep Intensive Hydro Booster

Nervous, irritated skin

Sun-damaged skin, or skin irritated by free radicals, stress, diet and other negative environmental influences that appears red, brittle and cracked, needs a re-boost with various vital substances that stimulate cell metabolism and skin renewal.

Means of choice for good oil tolerance: Rich Nourishing Cell Serum.

Oil-reduced product of choice: Lift Repair Protect DMS HPC Crème

Impure skin, large-pored skin

Hormonal changes, mental stress and an unhealthy diet as well as influences such as smoking can lead to skin blemishes, late acne and large-pored skin even after puberty.

Means of choice: Lift Repair Protect DMS HPC Crème

Deep wrinkles, sagging skin

Over the years, the skin loses its elasticity. To counteract this, active ingredients are needed that have a plumping effect, bind moisture deep into the skin and stimulate collagen synthesis, but at the same time care for and relax the deep muscles.

Means of choice: Deep Intensive Hydro Booster

Wrinkles, fine lines and uneven skin texture

If our outer skin layer already shows clear aging lines, is uneven and alternates between dry and swollen, the skin microbiome and moisture balance of the epidermis are often disturbed.

Means of choice: Lift Repair Protect DMS HPC Crème

Mental stress

All products in the MAGIC ELEMENTS series contain 13 essential oils that improve the complexion , help against wrinkles, create the scent and relax and focus mentally. In professional use, you can increase this effect by applying warm cloths after treatment with the Cell Serum so that the essential oils in the preparation develop their olfactory power even better.